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Trolls are a prickly bunch. Well, more rock-hard, really, but prickly gets to the heart of their mood. They don’t much care for mushbumps. That’s what they call people like you and me. Don't get me wrong. A nice, juicy human appetizer suits them just fine every now and then. They just can’t stomach all the yelling and screaming.



  • Writer's pictureMatthew Olson-Roy

'Peregrine' Selects 'Ten to No' for Fall Publication

The literary journal Peregrine has selected my short work of fiction titled "Ten to No" for publication this fall. "Ten to No" tells the story of a border patrol agent whose job of turning away refugees has left him jaded. During the ten minute countdown to no, we learn more about the agent than the refugees he describes.

Watch for a link to the latest edition of Peregrine to appear on the Books page this fall!

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