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Trolls are a prickly bunch. Well, more rock-hard, really, but prickly gets to the heart of their mood. They don’t much care for mushbumps. That’s what they call people like you and me. Don't get me wrong. A nice, juicy human appetizer suits them just fine every now and then. They just can’t stomach all the yelling and screaming.



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Creature of the Month: Dragon (part two)

The Creature of the Month series explores the folktales that inspired Tales from Little Lucilinburhuc.

In the northeastern corner of Luxembourg there is a region filled with hidden canyons called Mullerthal. With its narrow passages hewn through sheer walls of rock, it is a hiker’s paradise. The mysterious terrain has also inspired its fair share of folktales, and it’s easy to see why. With a little imagination, the canyon walls come to life. You might see a troll gnashing its teeth, a giant blocking the path, or in the case of the folktale featured in this post, a wicked young maiden under the watchful eye of a dragon.

A large rock formation called Goldkaul (pictured) near the village of Consdorf serves as the inspiration behind this post’s featured folktale, called “The Gold Maiden near Consdorf”. Why was the poor maiden cursed? How was the village of Consbrück wiped off the map? Will the dragon let her go? Read the story below to find out.

The Gold Maiden near Consdorf

A long time ago atop Buergkapp near Consdorf, there once lived a widow with her only daughter in a castle that has since fallen into ruin. The daughter had a wicked disposition, and because she wanted to get married before she had even come of age, she demanded her inheritance in pure gold. Through constant nagging and malicious remarks, she pushed her mother so far that she cursed the daughter and her chest full of gold.

The curse came to pass and the village of Consbrück (a village once located near Consdorf) vanished into the earth with the wicked daughter. She lives there now, where she is guarded by a dragon. At midnight by the light of the full moon, the shadowy figure of the poor maiden rises from Goldkaul, floats from tree to tree, and calls out for her release. But only someone in a state of grace may snatch the key to the chest from the jaws of the dragon, and in so doing, set the maiden free.

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