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UPDATE: 'Humonstromous' Featured in Media

February 25, 2018

Fantasy author and one of the talents behind New Literary Voices, Luc Francois, presents Humonstromous and the Bedtime Stories app in a double feature this month with a full-length article in Luxembourgish and an interview in English.







New Literary Voices: One More Story, Please!

New Literary Voices: Gutt Nuecht! - Bedtime Stories (in Luxembourgish)

The Luxembourg Times: Mullerthal trolls invade bedtime story app

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Trolls are a prickly bunch. Well, more rock-hard, really, but prickly gets to the heart of their mood. They don’t much care for mushbumps. That’s what they call people like you and me. Don't get me wrong. A nice, juicy human appetizer suits them just fine every now and then. They just can’t stomach all the yelling and screaming.



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