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Trolls are a prickly bunch. Well, more rock-hard, really, but prickly gets to the heart of their mood. They don’t much care for mushbumps. That’s what they call people like you and me. Don't get me wrong. A nice, juicy human appetizer suits them just fine every now and then. They just can’t stomach all the yelling and screaming.



  • Writer's pictureMatthew Olson-Roy

Stepping into an Adventure: One Week with Little Lights Studio

Michael Sokolar, co-founder of Little Lights Studio, and Matthew Olson-Roy, author of Bedtime Stories storyworld "Humonstromous"

With everything from trolls and witches to rockin’ snowmen and kid astronauts to entertain their young readers, working with Little Lights Studio is like stepping into an adventure. That’s why I was so pleased to spend an entire week this month with the team behind the Bedtime Stories storytelling app for families at their office in Vienna, Austria. During my time with co-founder Michael Sokolar and his team, I helped write the initial scripts for a new feature that will launch later this year in Bedtime Stories. Many thanks to Michael, Daniela, Viktoria, and Toni for the warm welcome!

Visit to learn more about Little Lights Studio’s innovative approach to storytelling for parents and children. While you’re there, check out my story, Humonstromous!

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