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Olson-Roy Named Winner in 2018 Undiscovered Voices Competition

It's official! An excerpt from my novel, The Spy Who Grounded Me, has been selected as one of the winning entries in the 2018 Undiscovered Voices competition! All winning entries have been published in the Undiscovered Voices 2018 Edition anthology, which is available as a free PDF download on the Undiscovered Voices web site.

I will be travelling to London on February 22 with the ten other authors and twelve illustrators included in the anthology for a launch party, where agents and editors will meet this year's winners. It is an amazing opportunity!

Thank you to this year's judging panel for the writers, including Lauren Fortune (Scholastic), Sarah Leonard (Orchard Books), Joanna Moult (Skylark Literary Limited), Polly Nolan (Greenhouse Agency), Gillie Russell (Aitken Alexander Associates), Hannah Sheppard (DHH Literary Agency), and Kirsty Stansfield (Nosy Crow). I'd also like to thank the EU judging panel, Erzsi Deak (Hen&ink Literary Studio) and Clelia Gore (Martin Literary Management), Honorary Author Chair Frances Hardinge, sponsor Working Partners, and the volunteer members of the committee, including competition co-founder Sara Grant, Jenny Glencross, Benjamin Scott, Simon James Green, Anne-Marie Perks, Loretta Schauer, Patrick Miller, Tioka Tokedira, Mina Witteman, and Sandra Nickel. Special thanks also go out to Catherine Coe, for her volunteer work and her editorial guidance on an earlier draft, and the regional advisor for SCBWI Belgium & Luxembourg, Dina von Lowenkraft, for her feedback and advice. All of your efforts to support new talent are greatly appreciated!


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